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Air Cargo and Freight Charter

From Kangaroo Island to Alice Springs and beyond, Platinum Aircraft Charter provides air cargo and freight flights you can trust.

Based in Adelaide, we are able to provide charter flights from any suitable location of your choice via our efficient aviation transport, including Kangaroo Island, Alice Springs and more!

We offer a premium air charter service to any destination in Australia with a suitable airstrip. Let us know your requirements and we will tailor an air cargo and freight charter package to suit you and your business. We will land at the most suitable airstrip, closest to your destination. Direct destination travel in your own private aircraft enables complete travel flexibility.

Why book your cargo and freight charter flights with us


Besides the reliability and great service, our main advantage is access. Our aircraft can land, and take off from, difficult and remote locations that cannot support larger or heavier planes.

Also, you can call us any time for urgent deliveries, and we're happy to help.

Your cargo will get to its destination quickly, safely and smoothly. We've done it many times 😉

Platinum (as Lucas Air) had a long-term contract for Advertiser Newspapers (News Ltd) to fly 1,200kg - 2,400kg of newspapers to Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln for distribution 364 nights of the year. We delivered with exceptional performance, flying in the early hours of the morning, overcoming fairly large weather, crewing & aircraft availability hurdles. This contact ended due to rise of digital publication.

Here's what Andrew Carlisle, Logistics Operations Leader SA, had to say:

"The business dealings between both parties has evolved into a business partnership. The standard of operation provided, the appropriate aircraft reliability and professionalism displayed have been important factors in Advertiser Newspapers extending the initial contract for a further two year period."
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