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Mining (fly in fly out) flight

Mining Charter Flights (Fly In Fly Out)

Mines are often located far away from cities and airports, and getting to them by road is costly, time consuming and frustrating. If you're looking for a better solution, you've come to the right place. Platinum Mining Charter Flights save the hassle for everyone and makes travels smooth and easy.

Fly In Fly Out to Mines Australia-wide from Adelaide and Melbourne

The mining industry is a crucial sector that often operates at remote, challenging and sometimes inhospitable environments. Due to the need to transport executives, personnel (fly in, fly out) and equipment to these remote locations effectively, charter flights play a vital role in the mining industry.

Platinum offers its services from Adelaide and Melbourne to even the most difficult to reach destinations all around Australia.

Why use charter flights in mining transportation and logistics

Access to remote locations


Mining often takes place in remote locations that are not easily accessible by commercial flights. Charter flights provide an efficient and reliable way to transport personnel and equipment to these remote locations, allowing mining operations to proceed smoothly.

Streamlining logistics


Charter flights allow companies to plan and execute mining transportation and logistics in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is particularly important in the mining industry, where time and resources are often critical factors.



Charter flights offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing mining companies to adapt to changing conditions and unexpected situations. This is important in the mining industry, where conditions can change rapidly and unexpected delays can occur.



Charter flights are operated by experienced pilots and are maintained to the highest safety standards. This ensures that personnel and equipment are transported safely and securely to remote locations.



Charter flights can be more cost-effective than other forms of mining transportation, especially when considering the costs associated with getting personnel and equipment to remote locations. Mine flights offer economies of scale that can be better than paying per person and/or per load.

Moreover, when you deal with Platinum directly, you will also enjoy lower costs than when using brokers or agents.


Mining charter flights are operated on-demand, allowing mining companies to plan and execute transportation and logistics with a high degree of reliability. No last-minute cancellations or delays. You set the schedule and we deliver the flight service.

Best Employee Morale

Providing a timely, comfortable ride to work for your employees will allow them to spend as much time as possible at work and at home, instead of on the way. This will certainly show your company cares for them and make them happy and motivated.

Platinum charter plane and pilot in remote location

The best Australian mining charter flights and Fly In Fly Out services

As a leader in safe and convenient air travel, Platinum Aircraft Charter provides reliable charter flights to mines all around Australia from Adelaide and Melbourne. Based at Adelaide Airport, we are well positioned for mining and exploration transfers and are happy to accommodate your individual needs.

Mine sites can be at remote and/or difficult to reach locations, which is where we shine.

All our management team and flight crew are highly skilled and professional and take the safety of passengers seriously. With extensive experience in mine flights and exploration charters across the country in all major states including Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia, we are your go-to for mining air travel.

At Platinum Aircraft Charter, we also offer a range services outside of mining charter fights. If you need assistance in air travel, our team is happy to help.

We have the capabilities to provide exceptional air charter services at short notice and are always ready to accommodate our customers, especially those who require mine charter flights.

In addition, we also offer Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) charter services, and having worked with many partners across Australia, we are well equipped in the mining sector.


Whether you need a one-off management flight, urgent freight delivery or longer team FIFO services, we can provide consistently high quality and cost-effective transportation. Our aircrafts can be quickly configured to provide a range of configurations for either passenger or freight, or a combination of both.


As with all of our services, FIFO charter flights are available 24/7, and can even be ready for departure in as little at 90 minutes’ notice.

Call or email us today to book mine charter flights

Platinum Aircraft Charter apply practical solutions to efficiently move people and cargo to remote mining sites exactly when and where you need. We pride ourselves on the top level of customer service we offer, and continually endeavour to go above and beyond every time we take on an air travel request.

With safety in the forefront of our minds, our attentive staff will tailor your trip to suit your personal or professional needs. We love to work with each of our customers to ensure a satisfied result, so please call 1300 856 597 or email today to book your next flight.

Wingtip at sunset onboard Platinum aircraft

Platinum Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Charters

Platinum is a well respected provider of charter services to the Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) sector. Having worked in successful partnership with many clients throughout South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


Our Adelaide air charter company is well established and stable, yet also capable of rapid review and assessment, confident decision making and change management. Whether you require a one-off management flight, urgent freight delivery or longer term FIFO services we provide convenient, essential and cost-effective aviation transport.


Our aircraft are able to be quickly configured to provide passenger, freight or any combination of both configurations at very short notice. FIFO charter flights are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be available for departure in as little as 90 minutes’ notice.


Platinum Aircraft Charter have the resources to supply practical solutions to efficiently move your team to or from remote mining sites exactly when and where you require. You will receive only the highest quality service from our team of dedicated professionals, providing you with safe, attentive and individual service efficiently tailored to your personal needs.

Mine Charter Flights Australia Wide

From South Australia to the Northern Territory and beyond, we offer safe and reliable mine flights every time.

The leading Adelaide air charter service, Platinum is well positioned and experienced in mining and exploration transfers and FIFO flight charter arrangements for the remote mining and exploration industry. Both our management team and flight crew have extensive experience in mining flights and exploration charters Australia-Wide including:

  • Western Australia

  • Queensland

  • New South Wales

  • South Australia

  • Victoria

  • Northern Territory

Your safety is our priority, turn to Platinum Aircraft Charter for mining charters Australia-wide.


We're capable and ready to provide short notice charters of an ad hoc nature involved with the delivery of shutdown critical parts or labour. We are equally able to consult with you, one on one, to provide a detailed framework to cover your aviation transport arrangements.


Also experienced in working inside the numerous regulatory guidelines and safety systems specific to mining transport. Our use of only highly experienced qualified crew sets us aside from the competition and makes your choice an easy one. Safety is our first priority, as it is yours.


From Perth to Alice Springs and right across rural Australia, Platinum Aircraft Charter provides the best mining charter flight experience out there.

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