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Air ambulance medical flight

Medical Charter Flights

Platinum provides medical charter flights for private customers without the need for medical support on board.

The main types of medical charter flights are:

  1. Organ Transfer Flights (hospital to hospital) - suitable for doctors booking direct, hospital donation coordinators booking direct or the local/state organ donation coordination centre (SA Health for example). We use leading edge medical transport technology to deliver pancreas organs from patients, fly them to Melbourne for specialists to harvest islet cells, and then fly these back to Adelaide for treatment of diabetes and other related diseases.

  2. Biological Sample Delivery - urgent transport of biological matter for analysis at short notice.

  3. Medical Freight - transport of medical supplies, e.g. COVID swabs, from regional areas to capital cities for processing. We can meet Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements when delivering to remote communities, e.g. in response to COVID.

  4. Medical Team Transport - flights for doctors, specialist, dentists and/or their medical teams to provide outpatient services and other special medical care at remote locations. We fly to many places that would otherwise be difficult to reach, which can be critical to some communities.

  5. Palliative Care "Bucket List" Flights - flights for terminal patients who want to see the outback one last time, or who need to visit family at a remote location to which there are no regular flights. We can accommodate special requirements, as long as they don’t require medical care (from a doctor) on board.

We can provide a "Standby" service should you wish an aircraft and pilot be ready to depart. Please note this comes with cancellation fees if the flight never takes off.

Booking a medical flight with us


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and curfews typically do not apply to our aircraft types. Communicating is quick and easy and our experience in this field helps us understand your requirements and provide a suitable aircraft cost effectively.

We're happy to work with a short notice, as long as we can provide the aircraft.

Call, text or email us to establish contact with your requirements. We'll discuss your requirements and provide you a quote. Once you accept, we proceed with the trip. This process is the same for urgent and non-urgent requests.

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