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Government Air Charter

Fly to and from South Australia


Platinum Aircraft Charter offer government air charter from Adelaide airport to locations all around South Australia and the rest of the country. All dignitaries are welcome to book a flight with our team and experience the very best in private air travel.

Designed to provide government officials a safe, quick, and reliable form of air transportation, our charter flights can help you get to your last-minute meeting on time, or help you travel anywhere in Australia for diplomatic matters. We understand the extreme importance of government roles and do everything within our power to ensure that your air transportation is stress-free, enjoyable, and perfectly coincides with your schedule.

Our management team and flight crew are highly trained and friendly and are more than happy to accommodate your specific needs. We make it a point to guarantee that all of our passengers have a great flight, no matter where they are going in Australia.

We welcome all government officials

Government air charter flights can be selected at a date and time that suits you, and our planes can seat multiple people. The Super King Air can seat up to 10 passengers, while our PC12 can fit up to 9 passengers. Both our planes are comfortable and stylish and operate at your total convenience.

Whether you need to fly into rural locations, or only have a certain amount of time available for travel, Platinum Aircraft Charter allow you to have full control over the arrival and departure of your flight to ensure you can successfully complete your job.

Book your next charter flight with us

We are proud to offer our charter flights to government officials and VIPs and for corporate or commercial use across South Australia and beyond. Our experienced team can help you find the best form of air transportation for you and your team. Please reach out today for more information.

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