(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available at all times to book a flight?

Yes. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to personalise a solution to meet your needs.

Can we charter the plane one way only?

Yes. You can have us drop you at your destination or pick you up. However, the cost will be charged as a round trip as the aircraft has to return to its home base.

Can we purchase just one seat on a charter flight?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible as the whole plane is chartered. Unlike commercial airlines, individual seats are not sold on the aircraft. Most people charter a private aircraft to enjoy their privacy and space or to conduct their company business en-route to their destination.

Does the cost change with number of people on the flight?

No. When choosing to charter a private aircraft, you are charged for the whole aircraft, no matter how many people are flying on it. The cost is based on an hourly charge not the number of passengers.

Are there additional costs that I will find out about after the trip is completed?

No. We give you a quote upfront for your trip which will be explained to you in great detail before the journey commences and as long as there are no changes in the itinerary and/or additional requirements, we will honour that quote.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for a quote as each flight is customised and personalised to suit each person’s taste and individual aircraft requirements.

How soon do I need to be at the airport before I board my flight?

You will need to be at the airport just five minutes before your scheduled flight.

May I bring my pets with me?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets on the aircraft at this point in time.

Is there a maximum limit of luggage I can take with me?

We are quite flexible with the luggage that we can store on the plane but this will depend on the size of the aircraft you charter and how many passengers are on the plane. Check individual restrictions for each charter or discuss this with us when you make your booking.

How many seats does the private aircraft have?

Depending on the aircraft model, our private aircraft can accommodate from one to ten passengers plus the pilot. Browse the specifications of each aircraft to understand their capacities.

What locations do you fly to?

We service most locations and fly all over Australia.

What happens when I arrive at my destination?

We will escort you and your baggage to your ground transportation which will be waiting. On request, we will gladly arrange all your ground transportation and or executive terminal access when you book your air charter travel.

How long can the aircraft remain at our destination?

Subject to the day of charter, usually you will be charged a daily standing fee to keep the aircraft with the party. However, in some instances it is more cost effective to drop your party and collect them at a later date.

How many crew members will be on board?

These aircraft are typically flown by a single pilot, but a second pilot can be provided if required.

Is the aircraft safe?

Platinum Aircraft Charter is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Approved Operator and maintains the highest and exacting standards in equipment, safety and security in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.